Brand Building Made Easy

When I start working with a new website client, the first thing I talk to them about is their brand. If the client has some marketing experience, they usually catch on pretty quick. Some of them even know what their brand is and can give me solid instruction on how to build their website to fit their brand. But if the concept of branding is

Back Up Those Scrivener Files!

If you use Scrivener (a writing software program especially for authors), make sure you set your automatic backups correctly. If you don’t, you could lose all your hardwork. I have mine set to upload to my Writing file on DropBox. Here is a great step-by-step blog post from author Lucinda Whitney: How to Set Up Backups in Scrivener

Change Your Passwords – Today!

Yes, I know. Changing your passwords is a total pain in the neck. Especially if you’re like me and you have to keep track of hundreds of passwords for yourself and for your clients. But seriously. This time it’s important. The Heartbeat/Heartbleed Bug was announced yesterday and everyone is vulnerable. It’s not a virus that infects your machine, rather a weakness in the way your

Facebook Fakery Increasing

There’s been an uptick of people setting up fake Facebook accounts using existing account names and images, then trying to friend your Facebook friends. Happened to a few friends of mine. Here’s what these Facebook Fakers are doing—they browse through Facebook and find someone that has lots of Facebook friends, who also doesn’t seem too tech savvy. Older people and the handicapped are frequent targets.