Book Design


Like it or not, readers DO judge books by their covers.

It’s not enough to have a functional cover. You need something that will entice readers.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Is it attractive to your target reader?
  • Is the cover relevant to the subject matter?
  • Do the images, colors, type sizes and styles create the right mood for the content?
  • Does the placement of visual elements create a strong, unified impact or does your eye jump from one element to another?
  • Do you know how to answer these questions? Do you recognize the components of a good cover and understand how they subconsciously impact the buyer?


The inside of a book is important too!

The layout and alignment of the text, the choice of font, the placement of images and tables, the use of white space, and even the pagination can mark your book as professional or amateur.

LibrisPro offers a full range of book design services to authors, independent presses, and large-volume publishers. Over the past twenty years, we have designed covers and interiors for a variety of clients, including fiction, non-fiction, text books, workbooks, user manuals and more.

Our software, images, and fonts are industry-standard and our files can be used on both offset and digital presses. We can use your client-provided images, or we can find high-quality stock images, custom photographs and illustrations, if desired. We will also work directly with your designated printer to make sure our files are exactly what they need.

LibrisPro takes your manuscript and turns it into a professional, attractive, print-ready document. We typeset using InDesign on the Mac.

Each design project gets a personal consultation, regular progress reports, and sample book and cover designs that can be altered to your satisfaction, as well as:

  • trim size of your choice
  • spot or full-color front cover, back cover, spine, and inner flaps (if needed)
  • visually appealing inside pages
  • all files in high-resolution digital format
  • low-resolution and re-sized images of your cover for web and email marketing
  • final design delivered to you and/or your printer as print-ready PDF files (native files available upon request)


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