eBook Coding


eBooks are here to stay.

KindleBook lovers are reading on the go—and they want portability and convenience. Smart authors and publishers are embracing electronic publishing and converting their titles as quickly as possible.

LibrisPro specializes in e-book formatting for small presses, self-publishers, and authors whose previous books are now out of print and the rights have reverted back to them.

Reasons to Convert to eBooks:

  • keep your back and mid-list titles “in print”
  • no printing costs
  • no warehousing or shipping costs
  • replaces the mass market paperback


Basic eBook Conversion

Want your book(s) available for use on e-readers? It’s not quite as simple as creating a PDF file and throwing it up on your website.

While there are e-book conversion services that require no upfront fees to you, they use automated software that creates a one-size-fits-all product. The trouble is—one size does not always fit all. A file that looks fabulous on a Kindle may not shine on an iPad. And an EPUB file that is created by your typesetting software may not look good when converted to a Kindle file.

When we accept your e-book project, we will discuss your needs and recommend the file types that are best for you. We hand-code your original files and then use software specifically created to convert that code into a customized, clean, and pretty e-book in a variety of file formats.


LibrisPro Basic conversion includes:

• Conversion to HTML formatting from your clean and final .rtf and .pdf file

• Embedded cover image, provided by you

• Linked Table of Contents (up to 30 links)

• Up to three other images, provided by you (ex: publisher logo, title page, author photo, other books by publisher, etc.)

• Up to three URL or e-mail links, provided by you (ex: publisher and/or author websites and blogs)

• Delivery of final e-book in popular file formats (for Kindle, iPad, Nook and others) ready for uploading to your website or other online stores.


eBook Add-Ons

In addition to the Basic eBook Conversion/Coding, LibrisPro offers the following add-ons for an additional price:

• Clean RTF extraction from a PDF file

• Tiered Table of Contents

• Extra images or links

• Conversion of tables and charts to images

• Footnotes converted to Endnotes

• Reciprocal links for Endnotes

• Page numbering links

• Indexing—Indexing is not really needed as all e-reader devices have a search feature. However, if you really want an index, one can be provided with or without reciprocal links.

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